About US

About US

Stitching Unit:

Here at Leather Leads, we are committed to produce promising quality products at most economical prices and deliver them on time. In our stitching unit, we have been manufacturing fashion garments and casual garments for Europe, North America and East Asia leading brands for over twenty four years.
We provide services from designing and pattern making to delivering the finished products, all according to our customer’s requirements. With our skilled design and patterns making departments, we can produce one of the best fits in both fashion, casual garments and gloves, accessories and we also provide made-to-measure services. For our fashion, casual garments and accessories.We have our specialised teams to maintain the required quality and safety measures without any compromises. To ensure the highest standards, we have our own material stock storage halls where the regularly used materials are stocked and inspected by our quality control team from time to time to ensure the same quality for each product batch produced.

Tannery division:

Leather Leads, Tannery Division in Pakistan was set up as a backward integration for the stitching unit. Initially the production was started from cow and goat leathers with an average monthly production of 25,000 sq. ft. Now our Tannery Division can produce cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, lamb and New-Zealand Sheep leather with the monthly production up to 350,000 sq. ft.
Our technical team is fully capable of producing any kind of leather whether related to the work wear, sports, motorcycle, fashion or shoe industry. To serve these industries and keeping in mind the quality of the leather, most of the leather used in the process is imported after careful selection by one of our qualified inspection teams. Leather is mainly used Pakistani region and imported from Saudi Kingdom, Kenya, Brazil, and Central Russian Estates